Majha Hoshil Na 17 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 17 March 2021, Dada Mama asked everyone about the missing money. Sai returns with the money and tries to give Dada Mama but he feels more furious and tells Aditya and Sai to stop lying.

He mentions that he knows that he owed money to Sindhu. Dada Mama shouts at them and mentions that they will be punished for breaking the rules of the house.

Aditya tries to calm him down but Dada Mama shouts out that Sindhu is not part of his family. Dada Mama gives Aditya a notebook and asks him to fill it as a punishment. Sai confesses that giving money to Sindhu was her decision and accepts the punishment.

Later, Sai and Aditya talk about how Dada is the maternal uncle, but Sai tells Aditya to go to the office as he has work and he will worry about the punishment. Meanwhile, the other uncle tries to stop Dada Mama from being punished but he refuses to listen.

Sai picks up the notebook to write but the brothers and Pinty Mama stop him. They try to reason with him but Sai mentions that he will end the punishment with Dada Mama regarding Sindhu. Other uncles try to stop him but even he refuses to listen.

Later, Say works around the house, trying to end the sentence. Aditya calls him and asks him to rest and stop to make him tired. Sai lies to him and holds the phone, thinking that he can never hide anything from Aditya.

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When Say is working on her sentence, she wakes up after a few hours. Sai feels anxious as he realizes that the book he had to write is still pending and Dada Mama will come at any time.

She goes to see the book, but she is not found. At that time, Dada Mama returns from work and sees the house in the dark.

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