Majha Hoshil Na 18 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 18 March 2021, Sai wakes up and realizes that it is time for Dada Mama’s arrival. He calls Sai from outside and mentions that there are no lights or lanterns anywhere in the house.

Dada Mama asks Sai about the notebook he gave her as punishment and sees that there is no lamp in front of the idols of God.

Sai says a prayer and Dada Mama helps him complete it. He asks her about the notebook and she tells him that he has finished it, but cannot find it anywhere.

Dada Mama refuses to obey him. At that moment, Aditya’s uncle brings the notebook and Sai realizes that he helped her. They come up with reasons and justify Dada Mama’s questions. Dada Mama tells him that he still does not believe him.

He tells them to tell the truth and Sai intervenes. She acknowledges that she was not able to finish the notebook. Dada Mama punished everyone by ordering them to go on a fast.

Sai asks the other uncles why they are silent. The uncle tells him that Sindhu’s name and this grandfather bothers his maternal uncle and he suffers a lot due to that.

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Sai still questions Dada Mama’s behavior and asks why he punishes.

The brother-in-law tells him that now Sai is here, things will change now.

Sai decided to change things and confront Dada Mama when needed.

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