Majha Hoshil Na 20 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 20 March 2021, During the puja, Sai and Dada Mama cling to each other. Being completely disappointed by Dada Mama, Sai keeps cross-interrogating every statement of Dada Mama. Episode link is below

When asked by Appa about ‘Prasad’, Dada Mama and Sai told each other and soon realized that neither of the two had prepared ‘Sheera’ for ‘Prasad’. Appa then orders both to hurry up and make ‘Sheera’ within half an hour.

Although Dada Mama asks Sai to leave and asks him to make ‘Sheera’, Sai insists that he will not leave. Soon, the pair have to work together to prepare ‘Sheera’.

Later, Sai mixes saffron in ‘Sheera’ as per the recipe on the Internet, while Dada Mama mixes banana pieces in it.

Forgetting their differences for a moment, they both instinctively praise each other for their kitchen hacks and shortly after, they bury their hattrick.

Majha Hoshil Na 22 March 2021

Later, Dada Mama asks Sai about his education. When she says she is doing her MBA, but left midway, Dada Mama insists her to complete her education and asks Aditya to arrange the study material.

Episode link – watch now

When Aditya mentioned that he was going to Badlapur factory today, Dada Mama suggested him to take Sai with him.

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