Majha Hoshil Na 23 July 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 23 July 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 23 July 2021, Later, an irked Aditya questions his uncles about Aditya Desai. In response, Dada Mama divulges the shocking truth about Aditya’s real identity.

Moreover, he tells Aditya about his parents Vijay Desai and Vandana Desai and reveals that he is the sole successor of Aditya Group of Companies.

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Soon after, Aditya’s uncles show him the company documents and pictures of his parents.

On learning about his parents’ accidents, Aditya figures out that JD is responsible for the accident but fails to understand JD’s motive behind it.

To his utter disbelief, Pintya Mama reveals that JD is none other than Jaywant Desai, Vijay Desai’s brother and he killed Vijay and Vandana in order to take over the company.