Majha Hoshil Na 23th Saptember 2020

Majha Hoshil Na 23th Saptember 2020, After arguing with Aditya, Sai goes home and tells her mother that she should not interfere in her life and her friendship.

She also tells Sharmila that like her mother, she too has the right to choose her spouse and the person she should marry but not her friends.

On the other hand, Aditya reaches the office and his superior tells him that he must work hard to earn money and if he needs to get rich quickly he should go to the bank and rob him.

Aditya talks to his subordinate and tells him how he dreams of being a big company like Aditya Group of Industries and is known as a big name abroad!

Also, Patwardhan asked his astrologer to come home to consult Suyyash and Sai’s husband. Suyesh finds them discussing marriage and prevents them from doing so.

But astrology shows that Sai’s courtyard is extraordinary. He says that his magazine has ‘Raja Yoga’ which means abundant money flow.

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode
He also says that if Sai marries Suyyash then his business grows and will end all debts. He also says that they can build 36 bungalows and still feel that they have too much money to spend.

Meanwhile, Sai goes to pick Aditya from his office. She asks him to join her but he refuses. She tells him that she knows her shoe is torn.

And begs him to sit in the car. Once they started going towards Aditya’s house, Sai told him that they were stopping the middle ground to buy shoes.

Aditya asks him to stop as he has no money and he refuses his help. He starts heading to his house and tells her that every other middle-class boy has dreams, but she won’t understand because his money grows on trees!

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