Majha Hoshil Na 24 February 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 24 February 2021, Aditya takes him to a tea shop to please Sai. Meanwhile, his uncle realizes how Sai is finding it difficult to adjust to his house and decides to clean the house for Sai to live comfortably.

Soon, they get ready to work and clean the house. To surprise everyone, Dada Mama decided to change some rules of the house.

Meanwhile, Aditya consoles Sai and makes him understand the side of his uncles. Feeling guilty for his outbreak, Sai apologizes to Aditya and the couple head to the house.

On his way back home, Sai is horrified when Aditya suddenly disappears. However, he returns with a surprise that ends him. As the two enjoy a few moments, Sharmila breaks down on them and insults them.

While an emotional Sai tries to talk to Sharmila, the latter refuses to consider her his daughter and humiliates her. Ashraupuritha Sai looks helpless like Sharmila without leaving a second glance.

However, Aditya stops Sharmila and urges her to go to Bram’s house at least once to see how happy Sai is. Furthermore, he assures her that they will be able to change her view of Sai and her.

Although Sharmila firmly declares that nothing can change her mind, she agrees to go to her house the next day and is overcome by the storm.

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