Majha Hoshil Na 25 February 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 25 February 2021,Upon returning home, Sai and Aditya are shocked to find the house in the dark.

Soon, Aditya’s uncle welcomes Sai and gives him a tour around the house to show him the changes made as per his convenience.

Isolated, Sai feels overwhelmed and takes his heart out of them.

Further, she persuades him to sleep in her normal room and declares that she will sleep in the living room with Aditya.

Later, Aditya and Sai speak to the sleeping heart as a thank you to Aditya for considering his uncle’s comfort and convenience.

Soon after, the couple enjoy moments of bliss and fall asleep in each other’s embrace.

The next morning, when Aditya’s uncle fights on a bucket like cats and dogs, Sharmila reaches there and surprises and embarrasses him.

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