Majha Hoshil Na 26 February 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 26 February 2021, Sharmila comes to Brahme’s house and sees Aditya’s uncles fighting. They introduce themselves and rush in to awaken Aditya and Sai as Sharmila has arrived.

Sharmila feels angry seeing the situations in which Sai lives in all and taunts everyone. Aditya’s uncle gives Sharmila a tour of her house and tells her that there are no servants who surprise her.

Aditya’s uncle tells Sharmila that Sai is very happy at her house and also mentions how she is Appa’s favorite. Sharmila is surprised to hear Sai song for Appa and later, taunts all the uncles on her profession.

Later, Sharm gets angry at her decision to call Sharmila home but Aditya calms her down. Sharmila insults the hospitality offered by her and moves to the exit.

Dada Mama apologizes and tells them that they should move on from what has happened and their families should come together.

She then insults him and mentions that he has hired Sai as an independent maid. She taunts him and says that Sai spent lakhs of rupees on clothes while Aditya’s uncles did not have their clothes.

Aditya and Sai arrive and Sharmila tells him that Shashikant can get bail today. Sai asks if she can come with him as well but Sharmila taunts her to stay in her new house.

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