Majha Hoshil Na 26 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 26 March 2021, When Sai and Aditya return from the restaurant, Bhai Mama sees them and starts inquiring about their food and more importantly, immediately about Sai’s books!

He does not wait for their encouragement or even to enter properly! He has a level of enthusiasm for Sai’s education!

Then when Bandhu Mama and Dada Mama discuss Billu and laugh, the subject goes to Sai’s studies but Sai rotates the subject for Aditya’s day at the factory.

She later tells them that it is almost dinertime so she will return with the plates.

Mama catches up on this and asks him to start studying immediately that he has bought books!

Later, Sai tries to convince each member of the family to take the hook off, but to no avail! Dada Mama asks Aditya to change the battery of Sai’s alarm clock so that he can get up early and study.

Aditya tells him that his efforts will do nothing as the idea was of Dada Mama. If she can convince him, then only she will not be able to study!

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