Majha Hoshil Na 27 February 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 27 February 2021, Sai asks Aditya’s uncles what Sharmila said. To avoid hurting her feelings, they lie to her and tell her that Sharmila loved her home and is happy with Sai and Aditya’s marriage.

Although surprised, Sai feels happy and serves all the cold drinks. Soon after, Aditya pulls Sai’s leg and enjoys some romantic moments with her. Later, Sai expresses his astonishment and shares his doubts about Sharmila’s changed behavior with Aditya.

Meanwhile, Sharmila calls Chandu and gives him some instructions. Further, she tells him that he has resolved to teach etiquette and etiquette to Aditya’s uncles.

Back at Bramha’s house, Aditya’s shy friend, uncle and grandfather Mama, decided to do everything in their ability to make Sai feel comfortable in their home and to narrow the financial situation gap between the two families.

In addition, he withdraws the money set aside for the month’s ration and decides to give it to Sai and Aditya so that they can enjoy an outing.

Soon after, Aditya’s uncle gave money to the couple and urged them to go out and have fun. Though Sai hesitates to take the money, Aditya asks him to take it and they get ready to move out.

At the gate, they come to Chandu who fetches a parcel sent by Sharmila. Upon seeing Sai, Chandu lies that it is a gift sent by Sharmila.

When Sai insists on seeing the gift, Aditya’s uncle distracts him and tells him to hurry.

After Sai and Aditya leave, Chandu gives the note sent by Sharmila to Uncle with the box. Soon, Bandhu Mama read the note which surprised everyone.

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