Majha Hoshil Na 27 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 27 March 2021, Billu introduces himself and calls Bandhu Mama as Kakaji. He gives Peanty’s mother a new name that impresses her.

In the tug of war, Sai gets his hands on Billu’s ID card but the uncles take him back in time. Pintya Mama tells her that they will have to handle the situation when they return.

Later, Painta Mama complains to Bhai Mama that Billu ate all the food. Brother Mama suggests calling Billu’s father, which worries the brother-in-law.

Billu gives a new surname to all the uncles and Brother Mama asks about his father. Appa also meets Billu who tells him that he should only stay with them.

Sai tells him that he lives nearby but Appa asks if he has recognized him. He tells a confused Saiya that Billu is his grandson, while the brothers listen to the maternal uncle.

Appa tells him that Billu will be with him from now on and it is his responsibility to take care of him. Bandhu Mama intervenes and takes Billu to change his clothes. Later, the brothers place their hands on Mama Billu’s ID card but Sai keeps it.

Lord meets Aditya and warns him about the demands of the employees. Meanwhile, Billu prays at home and impresses everyone.

They all sit down to dinner and are amazed after eating Billu. Later, Aditya sees that something is bothering Sai and apologizes to him for shouting at him on the phone earlier.

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