Majha Hoshil Na 3 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 3 March 2021, The unexpected arrival of Sai convinced Sharmila that Sai realized her mistake and left Aditya.

However, Sai soon clears the air and tells Sharmila about the letter. She then flashes on Sharmila for insulting Aditya’s family and creates a ruckus.

At Bramhe’s house, Dada Mama and others discuss managing monthly finances with additional expenses. In a torrent of conversation, Peenya reveals to Mama how Sai finds out the truth about Sharmila and confronts her.

Just then, Sai arrives and tells Aditya’s uncles not to tolerate Sharmila’s adventurous and rude behavior. Furthermore, she tells them that they should not change themselves for her.

Meanwhile, Aditya keeps getting calls from Sharmila. As he does not answer the call in front of Sai, Sharmila calls the landline and gives him a berth.

However, Sai takes the phone from her hand and hears Sharmila humiliating her and her family. Furious, she seizes all ties with Sharmila and hangs up the call.

As Sai falls into tears after talking to Sharmila, Aditya’s uncle comforts her and assures her that they will never let her miss her parents.

Also, they ask Aditya to help him feel relaxed. After the couple leaves, Dada Mama tells the others that they need to discuss some more pressing issues and asks them to gather for discussion in 10 minutes.

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