Majha Hoshil Na 4 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 4 March 2021, To Sai’s happiness, Aditya takes him to the place where he first expressed his love. The couple then enjoy a heart-touching conversation and Sai tells Aditya that despite his financial situation, his love for her will never change.

Furthermore, she promises him that she is going to be a perfect wife and a perfect daughter-in-law from now on.

Meanwhile, Aditya’s uncle discusses how Sai and Aditya are facing problems due to their financial situation.

When Peenya Mama suggests that this is the right time to tell Aditya the truth about owning the Aditya Group of Companies, others agree with him, but Aditya is worried that Aditya will take on the sudden burden of personal and business responsibilities How to manage it.

Dada Mama then reveals that he has a plan that will test Aditya’s abilities and help him get trained to manage the company.

The next morning, while searching for the first factory documents started by Aditya’s father, Dada Mama informs Bhai Mama, Pinta Mama and Bandhu Mama about the issues going on in the factory and reveals that the factory is about to close. .

He then shares his plan that he wants Aditya to solve the issue as it will test his managerial skills and abilities. Just then, they hear him approach Sai.

Though they try to hide the documents, Sai arrives and looks at the documents.

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