Majha Hoshil Na 5 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 5 March 2021, Dada Mama discussed the test that Aditya had to see. Bhai Mama asks that Aditya can dedicate himself instead of Sai and devote more time to these works.

Sai heard him speak in unhurried vowels and offered him tea.

Sai sees a letter and asks about it but Bhai Mama handles the situation. Sai asks them what they are hiding or she will find out by opening the chest.

Bhai Mama opened the chest and gave him a sari and said that it is of Vandana. Aditya gets up and tries to tell him about his dream but he runs to complete his tasks.

Dada Mama and the brothers ask Mama Aditya about his work. When he mentions about a problem in the factory, Dada Mama asks him to solve it himself.

Aditya made him laugh and went to check on Sai. Dada and Bandhu Mama feel that Aditya has not left the bubble of his new marriage yet.

He sees Sai wearing Vandana’s saree and is horrified to see her. He helps her tie the sari but at that time her uncle walks by.

Later, Sai places a bet with Aditya’s uncles over the saris. She mentions that Aditya is the owner of a big industry which worries everyone but they all feel relieved when he says that he had a dream that he was the owner of a big industry.

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