Majha Hoshil Na 6 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 6 March 2021, Sai prepares lunch for all. When she asks Aditya’s uncles about dinner, they list him for dinner and tell him about dinner.

Soon after, Aditya spots a tired Saiyan and helps him to rest. Before leaving for work, Aditya promises him that he will return home early and wishes him to successfully manage the house.

Later, Sai sees himself in the mirror and realizes how much he has changed since marriage.

When she feels suspicious about being able to be an ideal housewife, her inner self appears to her and boosts her morale. Excited and inspired, Sai returns to work again.

Meanwhile, at Aditya’s office, the employees arrive from the union to confront Bhagwan and Gopinath the owner of the company.

God gets into an argument with a peon. Despite Gopinath trying to topple the fiery god, the latter remained adamant.

Then Aditya comes and introduces himself to God and Gopinath. Furthermore, he states that he is not a manager but an assistant to the manager.

Back at home, Sai keeps checking Doo and Don’s list and wonders how to take care of everyone’s likes and dislikes. In addition, she recovers herself as the gas burner does not go off despite her repeated attempts.

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