Majha Hoshil Na 8 March 2021

Majha Hoshil Na 8 March 2021, Sai tells Appa about the problem with the stove in the kitchen, but Appa misunderstands him. Sai realizes Gomukh and asks him to rest, deciding to call Aditya.

At the factory, Aditya encounters a new problem with Bhagavan and does not pick up Sai’s phone. Aditya tries to pacify Bhagavan and tells him that he is treating her as an equal.

Malhotra calls him and asks him to handle the situation as he does not want to talk to the workers. Aditya tells Bhagwan as his own and asks him what his problems are.

Sai calls Nayana, asking for her help but her solution does not help Sai. Sai decides to cook on the stove outside the house.

Meanwhile, Malhotra’s arrival did not make Lord furious and started breaking things inside the office. As he is about to burn the documents, Aditya notices an old letter and asks Malhotra about it.

Malhotra evades questions and asks Aditya to evacuate the workers from his office but later, reads the letter and realizes what it is and decides to burn it.

Back at home, Sai cooks for everyone on the stove outside the house.

Aditya confronts Bhagavan who shouts about his problems and feels furious.

Aditya mentioned that he would stand by his side and he would give them justice. Sai feels delighted at her effort.

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