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Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 6 December 2021 Written Update

Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 6 December 2021 Written Update, As Dipu and Indra come down the stairs, Dipu’s slippers suddenly break and she starts falling down.

After that Indra fixes Dipuchi’s slippers and puts them on her feet. As Dipu’s mother Shalaka passes by, she sees Dipu and Salgaonkar (Indra) together.

She thinks in her mind that Dipu and Salgaonkar are a very nice couple.

The next morning, Dipu is working in the kitchen and when she sees why her mother is also there, she is very happy.

Dipu says to her, “Your smile is telling everything. What was Jiju saying?” Shalaka tells her he was saying let’s go for coffee. Now that we are married, should we become husband and wife? Then Dipu tells her that Didi Nayan Jijuna is really solid and it is nice to see you both together.

Shalaka tells her that it was nice to see you both together. Dipu doesn’t know anything because she doesn’t know that Shalaka has seen her and Indraji together so she asks her mother again.

Shalaka is looking at her, isn’t it yesterday? When the sole of your sandal was broken, I will see that the sole of your sandal is broken and the sole will fit, Dipu, you like a boy like Salgaonkar.

At that moment Dipu’s daddy comes there and tells Shalaka if Tai tea was a little sweet and they are very sad so Dipu asks them Baba do you want anything? On that they say no c.

But Sanu’s friend who was going to come has not come yet. It is irresponsible. People don’t value time and they go from there. Then Dipu starts giving tea to Shalaka.

Shalaka tells Dipu Dipu, remember the one thing I tell you, the one who takes care of you, loves you dearly, doesn’t want to see what you want, and no matter how sad you are, you are lucky to have a boy who tries to put a smile on your face.

And my mind is telling me that Salgaonkar is such a boy.
Dipu then explains to Shalaka that a boy like Tai cannot be in Deshpande’s daughter’s life.
When he hears Deepak talking, he doesn’t know what exactly Deepak is talking about, so he asks her

Dipu tells her that if he does not come to life then life will go away in hiding and lying
And I don’t want that. Shalaka, one of my Dipu, I am really lucky to have a son. Oh Dipu, but Didi Nasheeb will always support you, right? Shaluka but even if she leaves with luck, true love will support Dipu till the end

Karthik, on the other hand, has yet to meet Manohar (Dipu’s father) tells Sanika that I don’t like it at all.
Tawa Sanika tells them that Baba is stuck somewhere

Her father is angry with Sanika and says to her, “If you are stuck, I don’t want to report it by phone, I don’t want to report it at other times.

And they get angry and ask Sanika if she is stupid or not. I want to go to school. I want to prepare my sister’s turmeric tomorrow. But this gentleman is not a message.

I can’t give my daughter to such an irresponsible irresponsible man.
The key is the air that awakens the word

Sanika explains to her father that Baba will come, listen to her, her father tells her to send him back

After they leave, Dipu and Shalaka begin to understand Sanika and ask why Kartik did not come
But Sanika doesn’t listen to both of them and starts arguing with them and tells you to fall in love or not.

Dipu calms both Shalaka and Sanika and tells Shalaka, “Tai, you calm down. Do you know if she is angry or something? I will talk to you and Dipu will go to Sanika and explain to her.

Let’s talk to Baba. All I want to say on this subject is call your Karthik and think why he didn’t come. After all this talk, Dipu goes to the bank.

Indra and Sattu are waiting for Dipu at SP Bank near Dipu’s desk. Dipu is in front of her. She is very sad.

Indra asks him why he is so serious.
Madam do you have any problem?

But she goes and stands near her desk without saying anything to Indra. And they all go for recovery

Karthik and Sanika On the other hand, Sanika gets a call from Kartik.

I can’t tell you all this on the phone but all I can tell you is that I can’t introduce you in front of the house right now. Are you crazy Kartik? You will give this life to Sanu but he will not leave you

Listen I have thought of everything but you ask Sanika if you believe in your love and you tell her to run away you are in hotel ajanta I am still there you run away Sanika tells her that Kartik asks her what you say

Do you want to get married Then Sanu has no choice but to come here and bring some money when she hears that Sanika is a little scared and tries to talk to Karthik.

When the phone hangs up, Sanika thinks to herself, Sanika, no one will understand you in this house, but with Kartik, you can create your own world.

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