Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 27 Jun

Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 8 December 2021

Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 8 December 2021, From Dipu Sattu and Indraji Dipu starts walking away telling Indraji that I am going home and Indraji is looking at her He thinks that this time Dipu will look back at him but when Dipu goes forward he gets a little annoyed and starts talking on his mobile phone.

Dipu is thinking, all of a sudden she looks back and gives a loud voice to Indrajin to tell them that I love you but they start approaching them Begin to go Dipu goes near Indraji but sees her father (Deshpande Sir) in front of her and hides behind a rickshaw.

Indra asks Deshpande, sir, how come you are here, sir, they believe that I was working here for a while, I didn’t bring the wedding magazine with me now, but Indra tells them that you should come to the wedding, sir, you should not worry about the wedding We too.

Deshpande tells Sir Indra that there is no need for it because everything is ready
But if you need anything, just make a phone call and then Sir Deshpande tells them to come. I am coming.

After Deshpande Sir leaves, Indra and Sattu start looking for Dipu. Dipu Indrajina then shows that she doesn’t know anything about this.

Then Indra asks Deepu Madam wants something to do. Dipu tells them that there is nothing. Then when Indra and Sattu start to leave, Dipu looks at Indraji and says in his mind.

While Indra and Sattu are drinking tea on a tea pot, Indra tells Sattu.

Sattu tells Indra, Indra, I want to tell you something. Indra ho re sattu today but I felt like I had to tell her something. And Indra’s gaze suddenly goes to Nayan and Shalaka

He looks at the two of them and says to Sattu, Sattu, look, this is the daughter of Fraud Kanvinde and Deshpande Saran.

Indra then approaches Shalaka and talks to her
Indra doesn’t know that Shalaka already knows him because of Dipu, so he starts reminding her where she met him.

Nayan Kanvinde, the boy you are going to marry, has run up a huge bank loan, so you are sure that you are getting married to the right boy. This is not true.

On this, Shalaka tells Indraji that he has already told me that he has a debt, he has not hidden anything from me and as a husband and wife, we should not give each other such troubles.

Indra, yes, it is true, you have lightened the burden of my mind for a long time by saying this to you. How do you know

When Nayan brings a rickshaw, he sees Indra talking to Shalaka and gets very scared. God keeps him happy forever

The next morning Dipu prepares her aunt’s turmeric at Dipu’s house. Dipu’s mother tells her, Dipu, what are you doing? You will be late to go to the bank.
Then Dipu starts preparing her to go to the bank

Manohar (Dipu’s father) sees Shalaka and Malati talking together and tears come to his eyes. Dipu is about to go to the bank. I will miss you so much at that time.

Tai is going today Sanika will go tomorrow and then when you hear this Shalaka and Dipu both hug her dad and start crying Dipu tells her dad that Baba today I have taken half day from bank so I come quickly then she leaves

As soon as Indra gets ready and goes downstairs to Indra’s house, her mother comes to her room and sees that Indra is ready.

Indra tells her mother that I am going to Deshpande’s house. Indra’s mother, if I take you to Deepika’s house like this and ask her for marriage, she will get married right away.

After Indra goes to the bank, Dipu looks at him. As Indrani is wearing kurta, Dipu goes to him and asks him what is new today. Dipu means you are wearing kurta etc. and you look really nice in this kurta so I asked

Indraji tells her, “Madam, today I want to go to a function, Dipu, but I also want to go to a function, so I am also going to go for half a day, after which she goes to Sontakke’s cabin.”

Dipu tells Sontakke that Sir, I told you yesterday that today is my day, I have a function at home. Sontakke sir doesn’t give her leave

After that Indra comes to Sontakke’s cabin and sees Indra coming in the cabin. Sontakke sir gets very scared. Is not

And looking at Dipu, only Deshpande Bai was a request. If you send me leave application as a formality, it will be fine. All you have to do is go anywhere. Just complete today’s recovery and go anywhere.

As Sontakke Saran’s pen is not working, he moves like a penny and suddenly the sowing flies on Shahi Indraji’s body but it falls down without going to Shahi Indraji’s kurta. Indraji gets very angry.

If a drop of Shahi had flown on the kurta of Sontakke or you would have been killed till it turns black and blue

Speaking to Sattu, he told Sontakke that this kurta is not from 56. Sontakke is special, so it was simple till morning, but after that it became special.
Sod you don’t know then both Indra and Sattu leave

Then Dipu asks Sontakke sir Sir I can’t take home the money we will recover now I am very scared Sontakke sir tells her now you decide you want to take half day or take money home then Dipu leaves

When she leaves, Sonatakke says, “Deshpande bai, today you are not carrying cash at home. You are carrying a trap set by Sonatakke. If you come to your house and cry over that cash, there is no Sonatakke name.”

At Dipu’s house, Shalaka is talking on the phone. Her mother and father come and tell her.

After that Shalaka goes to the room to get ready but when she sees that Sanika is already filling her bag there, Shalaka hides from outside and sees what Sanika is doing.

Sanika packs her back and thinks in her mind sorry why sister but there is no one in this house who understands my love and my love is the most important thing in the world and thinking this she puts the bag in the cupboard.

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