Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 27 Jun

Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 9 January 2022

Man Udu Udu Jhalaya 9 January 2022, Man Udu Udu Zhala is an Indian Marathi language tv serial airing on Zee Marathi.

It is a romantic drama serial that’s directed by way of Mandar Devsthali and produced via Sandeep Jadhav underneath the banner of Ekagmai Creation.

Deepika (Deepu) Despande a reserved younger female get appointed in SP Bank as Loan Recovery Agent on her father’s insistence. Her father is a proud trainer with strict regulations and believer of vintage traditions. Indrajeet Salgaonkar is an MBA graduate however unemployed because of low employment gets appointed in SP Bank as Hard Recovery Agent along Deepu. Indra is also an ex-student of Manohar.

Indra’s method of recuperation is not appreciated by using Deepu however works for recuperation. Indra is possessive about his mother Jayashri and fakes his employment from her and his family. Sattu, Indra’s brother-like pal additionally accompanies within the equal. Indra loves his family and as a result never questions them who intern also reciprocate the love.

Deepu’s eldest sister Shalaka’s marriage gets fixed with an American return fraud Nayan. Nayan’s family berates the Dehspande’s for their easy lifestyle and demand the wedding to be achieved in grand manner with many greater needs. Deshpandes’s sell their ancestral houses for the arrangement of this wedding. Nayan’s own family usually berates and demeans Deepu on each come across. Shalaka’s younger and Deepu’s elder sister Sanika gets romantically concerned in Kartik, Indra’s more youthful brother who’s a casanova. Deepu warns Sanika approximately it however alternatively she refutes the allegations and blames Deepu.

Indra and Deepu paintings collectively and continuously have disagreements at some point of the process of recuperation but later they cope-up collectively. Indra gets smitten with the aid of Deepu’s splendor and falls in love along with her. Jayashri too receives inspired via Deepu’s behavior and for this reason desires to get her married to Indra. Manohar and Malati screen that they hate the couple who conceal their dating secret or who elope for marriage.

With growing demands from Nayan’s circle of relatives, Manohar attempts to break the alliance but fails. When Indra meets him, he senses his financial issues and comes to a decision help him by using organizing his felicitation application. Meanwhile, Malati steals some amount from the loan restoration bag for which Deepu gets blamed from the financial institution and even risking her job. When Malati learns about risking activity, she famous the reality. During the felicitation application, Deepu learns that Indra is virtually is her father’s first-rate student.

Later, earlier than Shalaka’s marriage the Bank Manager visits Deepu’s domestic to Tell Deshpande Sir approximately the robbery.Deshpande Sir learns approximately it

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