Maza Hoshil Na 10th Saptember 2020

Maza Hoshil Na 10th Saptember 2020, Aditya asks Sai and Naina to leave immediately. He walks out of the garage as all his Mama come out of the house.

They ask him about his whereabouts and he says that he went for a morning walk. Dada maternal uncle goes out to buy newspaper in the morning.

Dada Mama attacks Sai who is helping to bring Naina to consciousness. She brings some water and helps her friend stand up.

But Dada Mama asked her what she was doing there. Meanwhile, he understands that Naina is drunk. Sai manages to escape, saying Naina is sick. But Dada Mama recognizes the shirt gifted to Aditya.

He goes home and asks Aditya to bring that shirt.

Aditya is surprised and tries to say that the brother-in-law uncle took him. But Dada Mama finds him his wardrobe.

As soon as Brother Mama comes to his rescue, he brings a new shirt.

Bhai Mama assures Grandmother that this is the shirt he gifted to Aditya. Later, he warns Aditya to be careful and tells him that he can share his secrets with her.

On the other hand, Sai’s mother asks him about the shirt and he reveals that Suyash has given him this gift.

Sai’s mother said that she is lucky to find such a good partner. Later, Sai calls Aditya and tells him that she is the special person of his life. Aditya asks her if she is in love with him!

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