Maza Hoshil Na 9th Saptember 2020

Maza Hoshil Na 9th Saptember 2020, When Sai sees that it is raining, she asks Aditya to sing a song. But Aditya is a comic singer and Sai laughs at him.

Later, she sings a soulful raga, and Aditya is mesmerized by her voice.

Sai tells Aditya to dance with her in the rain. Aditya refuses but later gives in to his request. They both have a lot of fun and then take refuge in one of the cars in the garage.

Sai asks Aditya what he will do if a girl tells him that he loves her.

Aditya is stunned and speechless, then Sai asks her what kind of girl she wants to be his partner.

Aditya describes his dream girl. He says that he should shout at her, get angry but love her with the same intensity.

He also says that he wants to make her his best friend. But then he is heard playing a loud horn and sees that Sai has fallen asleep on the steering!

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