Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 10 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 10 March 2020, We see how Aditya decided to enter the house without interruption and was afraid that her parents would find her alone.

Aditya sends her servant Chandu Kaka to her house demanding extraordinary demands from Sai. She tells Sai to rub her nose and apologize if she needs another day to repay the money she needs to repay.

Meanwhile, his uncle prepares to interview him and gives his interview and jokes.

In today’s area, we are trying to sell Sai Bedekar spice products for Rs. She realizes that the heat is in the heat, but Chandu’s uncle refuses to help. Meanwhile, Aditya leaves for his interview and Grandpa tells him about his qualities like responsible nature and timeliness. On the go, Aditya Sai got spotted selling her products and is waiting to see how she sells them. Customers are surprised when they move around the board and sell products like hotcakes. But Aditya realizes that Sai’s father has given these people away to buy products!

Aditya reveals the truth to Sai and she tells him that she will make money from scratch and pay back. Naina and Chandu’s uncle ask her to stay but Sai is determined to get a repayment amount of 25,000 by the end of the day. She tries hard but can’t sell product. Meanwhile, Aditya’s uncle tries to reach him but his calls are not received. Aditya is busy helping Sai when he falls unconscious and takes the latter to the hospital.

Naina tells Sai the incident and gives it to Aditya’s money and note. Aditya has written the truth about car repair charges and returned the money to Sai. But due to this tragic incident, Aditya missed an interview in Aditya Industries.

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