Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 12 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 12 March 2020, We also see how Sai has overcome her feelings about Aditya, but wished later that he would never see her again. In tonight’s episode, Sai is upset about her father’s house move and she tries to seduce Chandu’s uncle, so that she can get rid of him.

On the other hand, Sai’s father sees Naina standing near their house and he slaps her. He tells her to go back home. Meanwhile, Sai tells Chandu uncle to prepare a huge dish for her and as she prepares the meal, she escapes.

When Sai’s father returns, Chandu’s uncle tells him that she is asleep and he does not allow her to enter Sai’s room to meet him.

Meanwhile, Aditya Pintya is at Mama’s garage and there he appears to be advising on the latter’s relationship. Sai gets there and says that she wants to talk to Aditya. The latter rejects her request and says that she is already ashamed of her, most of the time. Pintya Mama thinks Sai is asking for money and starts to panic. Meanwhile, Chandu calls Uncle Sai and tells her father that he has left the office. She quickly thanked Aditya and decided to leave.

Sai says she is grateful for Aditya’s help, and she also says that she was ashamed of the way she treated her. Aditya and Sai then grab a cup of tea at a local stall nearby. Sai’s head is covered with a scarf so he almost escapes when Sai’s father finds him. After that, Sai and Naina left home and stole Aditya’s handkerchief. When Sai comes home, Chandu’s uncle yells at her. Sai’s father is going home to see if he is home, and he is relieved when he finds her sleeping. He then leaves for the office and promises to return soon. Sai suddenly realizes that she has forgotten her scarf and does not remember where to put it.

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