Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 13 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 13 March 2020, In the back part of the show, we see how Sai hides outside her house to find Aditya. She met him at the garage with his uncle, Pintya Mama’s garage, and apologized for her rude behavior.

She thanked them for saving her life and they shared a cup of tea. But Sai’s father was looking for his daughter and he was very close to finding her with Aditya.

However, Sai and Naina managed to escape from time to time and saved them from distress. But when Naina stole Aditya’s handkerchief as a memento, Sai hurriedly left her blue scarf.

That’s what teases him. Aditya gets tired of trying to hide it all from his uncle. Apa confesses to Aditya that his mother was his home life and since the time of his death it has been very difficult for him to celebrate any and the house has become sluggish.

In the past, Dad asked Brother Mama about the hairpin found at his house, and the latter tells his brother that there is evidence of a case in which he is currently working. Meanwhile, Aditya Dada prevents Mama from opening the closet containing Sai’s scarf and Apa is distracted by saying that there are three camels in the closet. Sai’s father, on the other hand, brings a lot of scarves in place of the one she lost but she rejects them all.

Sai calls Aditya and asks him about her scarf and later confirms that she has you. But if Sai wants his scarf back, he asks her to return the room she gave him. Sai refuses to leave the room, and Aditya scolds her, saying that she doesn’t value things. He had given her his handkerchief over her cup of tea to protect her hand. Meanwhile, Naina is distracted by Aditya’s demands as she wants to tell Sai that she has a handkerchief. Aditya tells Sai to take a handkerchief to a local tea shop and he will return her scarf.

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