Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 16 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 16 March 2020, We see Pintya Mama Aditya giving advice on the side effects of arguing with a girl. He appears to tell Aditya that he may fall in love with Sai. Aditya dismisses and rejects the statements made by his uncle and has said that he will never fall for her. To prove that Aditya cares for Sai, Pintya tries to pull off Mama Sai’s scarf and use it to wipe things in the garage, but Aditya escapes with it.

Meanwhile, Sai Chandu talks to Uncle and tells her that she is sorry to have a fight with Aditya and she thinks that he is not an innocent person who can easily be deceived.

She went on to say that he was a hoax and that by now he might have destroyed her scarf. When Chandu’s uncle tries to explain that it could have been otherwise, Bell rang and found Aditya at the door.

Aditya returns Sai’s scarf and then they are happy to be invited for a cup of tea. Aditya politely refuses, giving reasons that he does not like Sai’s father. Sai tells him that she is excited to see him again.

At home Apa waits for Aditya and they all dine together. On the other hand, Sai’s mother asks her about Aditya, and then the mother confesses about her feelings about Aditya. Sai’s mother worries about her father’s dislike of her and her son. Sai tells her that she thinks she has no future because she will not engage with Aditya. The next day, Aditya goes out for his interview again. Everyone touches him at the feet of Apa and then all the uncle’s feet. They are all worried about whether he will arrive at this point in time, and Grandma assures them of Aditya’s timeliness. But on the way, Aditya pushed Sai. The latter is driving and tells the boy that she will take him to his destination. Aditya is unaware of Sai’s true intentions of showing off his driving skills!

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