Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 17 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 17 March 2020, Sai drops Aditya into the office of Aditya Desai Industries. She asks him why you are looking for a job and he tells her that you want to get money and build a house. He also tells her that not everyone is a rich child like her.

Sai ignores his jibes and wishes in a special way. She calls him her father and tells him to work with her instead, but Aditya politely rejects the offer and tells her that he only wants to work in Eddy Industries.

Meanwhile, Sai meets Naina and tells her about Aditya’s interview. Naina tells her friend that she is sure that Aditya will take the job. Sai agrees with her and talks about how Aditya is a scholar.

On the other hand, a manager named Joshi in the AD company tries to test Aditya. He calls professors at Aditya’s college and when they all claim that he is a scholar of Aditya. Joshi then asks Aditya to try to trap him, but then every time he teases him. The manager then asked him to tell him the number of hairs on the head of his colleague colleag, to which Aditya answers as 150,000 and asks Joshi to count and to check if it is correct. Joshi asks Aditya some more questions and his game is over. He tells Aditya that he let them know if the choice was made.

Later, Joshi’s colleague tells him that Aditya is the right choice, even though he is getting a bright candidate for salary and he should not let this opportunity go. Jo agrees and tells his assistant to call Aditya.

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