Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 18 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 18 March 2020, Aditya’s uncle and his grandfather celebrate their success and their first job. Aditya brings Jalebis home for them and everyone sings with Apapa and dances in circles around him (Aditya). Aditya tells them that it is their hard work and their wishes that have given him this job. He also remembers Sai’s sweet gesture of greeting the interviewer.

Later, Sai is waiting for Aditya’s call as she wants to know the outcome of the interview. She asked her girlfriend Naina if she got any phone call from Aditya but her friend also refused.

On the other hand, Aditya is also waiting for Naina’s call as he wanted to tell Sai that he had landed a job but Nayana lied that she (Sai) did not call. Nina is afraid that her truth about stealing Aditya’s handkerchief will come out and that something like this should not happen.

So, she keeps lying and misinformation leads to misunderstandings between Sai and Aditya. Later, Pintya asks Mama Aditya what is wrong, while the two work together at the garage. However, Aditya does not say anything. Meanwhile, Naina prays to God and says that because she is in love with Aditya, she will reveal the truth that she stole Aditya’s handkerchief.

Later, when Sai and Aditya are ready to leave one day, Naina accidentally connects their call and the two can talk to each other. They realized they couldn’t call each other because they didn’t share their phone number. Aditya gives Sai his number and tells her that he was waiting for her call.

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