Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 19 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 19 March 2020, We saw how Sai and Aditya couldn’t get in touch with each other so they were upset. When they finally reconnected, all their anger and doubts were gone. Aditya decided to share his number with Saina and then briefly texted him after thinking. In tonight’s episode, Sai and Aditya get to know each other well while texting.

Sai sends Aditya some dialogue in Bollywood via text and the latter is impressed by her skill at making laughs and embarrassments.

They both wish each other a good night, but Aditya couldn’t sleep and would think of Sai’s name, so that he could save her number on her phone. At first he plans to save it as a ‘trainer’, then delete it and save it as ‘Kadak Lakshmi.’ But eventually she tries to save it as her real name.

Meanwhile, Pintya Mama annoys him and asks Grandma to play carom with him.

Brother Mama, Brother Mama and Pintya Mama are all set to play but they are afraid to ask Grandpa Mama. They send Aditya to ask him and later convince his grandfather to come and play. They are all involved in fun games and enjoy each other. After the game, Aditya makes coffee for everyone and Sai asks if she is awake. She answers and tells him that she has fallen asleep and is asleep. Aditya tells her that we are making coffee and Sai asks her how she can do this.

Aditya told Sai on how to prepare a cup of coffee. He gives her all the necessary details and Sai follows his instructions while waiting for the coffee to be ready. Meanwhile, Aditya tells her that all the men in her house know how to cook. Sai is impressed and appreciative of it. She tells him that the wife will be so lucky to cook for you. Ahem ahem!

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