Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 20 August 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 20 August 2020, When Aditya tells Sai that he has zero self-esteem, he walks away but meets Naina on her way home. Naina also tells Sai that she or Aditya has no problem, but the problem lies in Sai! He needs to treat Aditya right.

Sai can be seen in a fix as he tries to think how to win over Aditya’s friendship. Meanwhile, Shashikant Birajdar calls Suyash to find out what his ‘Raj-chess’ is doing.

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode

Suyash tells her that Sai does not reply to her messages and they have not gone to the cafe post on any date.

Sai manages to get out of the situation by blaming Suyash for lying. Shashikant helps Sai plan to win someone he really likes (he thinks it is Suyyash).

Sai runs and gets the flowers that Aditya wanted in the evening. He does not find her in his chi tapri. The boy living in Tapri tells that Aditya has gone to a peaceful place where no one can disturb him. Sai reaches the hill where Aditya took him and opens his heart to him.

If she marries Suyash Patwardhan, she loses her identity, even then he tells her that she is Sai-Aditya’s friendship! Sai also asks him to meet Suyyash.

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