Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 21 July 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 21 July 2020, We are telling Aditya Dada Mama that a friend of his will leave him in the office.

He then tells Dada Mama to stop for a while and says that his friend is on his way. Meanwhile, Sai asks the housewife to help her jump off the balcony.

She gets down from her balcony and runs away. On the other hand, Aditya Dada tells Mama to cool down as he leaves to fetch medicines from a nearby chemist.

After a while, Dada Mama quarrels with Sai for not following the traffic rules. Sai tells him that she is in an emergency and in a hurry to help someone. However, Dada Mama says she is giving a fake excuse and is not ready to leave her. He says that rich children like Sai give excuses to run away. Sai asks in reply if Dada Mama is thinking of making her his daughter-in-law? The latter says he will never even think about it. Sai then yells at him and tells him to step aside. Grandpa Mama says he won’t let her go until the police arrive. Angry Sai tells him that he is not interested in fighting her. She then brought up the subject of Dada Mama’s wife which shocked him.

Later, Aditya finally finds Dada Mama and tells the latter to go to the doctor’s clinic with him. Again Dada Mama got angry again and insisted on answering Aditya back. Meanwhile, Sai is seen talking to the police to let her go. At that moment, Shashi called her and asked her to hand over the phone to the police. Shashi then tries to pay him to let his daughter go which makes the police angry. After a while, Aditya somehow manages to get the policeman to leave Sai. The police officer misunderstands Sai as Aditya’s girlfriend which makes them both awkward.

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