Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 21 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 21 March 2020, We’ll see how Apa got lost and everyone tries to find her. When Aditya searches in the house, Grandpa calls the doctor and asks if Apa had met him recently.

Brother Mama and Brother Mama search the surrounding area and Pinta Mama explores the garage. Since they cannot find him, they are all upset and Aditya advises that he should inform the police.

But soon, Apa arrives home and surprises them all. He says that he went out to buy Aditya’s favorite sweets because he had not forgotten that it was his grandson’s first day at the office. Everyone is comforted and will soon be down to lunch.

Just then, Aditya got a message from Sai asking him about their evening plan. Sai calls Naina and asks him to prepare dinner. But then the mother said that she had made her favorite dish for dinner. When Sai tells her that Aditya is going to accompany her, Naina is ready to come right away.

Meanwhile, Aditya’s uncle is involved in a fun board game and spends some time together. Sai and Naina arrive at Aditya’s house and ask them to accompany her, but Aditya refuses to do so.

Sai reminds him of his contract and how he would deal with them if he landed a job. Aditya tells her that she is trapped but if she does not come from outside, Sai treats him saying that she will come in.

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