Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 22 August 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 22 August 2020, As we expected, Aditya got into deep trouble to come home late. Dada Mama directly tricked him into not letting him know about his whereabouts.

Aditya tries to run away but is stopped by Dada Mama on his track, who grabs him from behind. Aditya shouts in pain as Dada Mama grabs his injured arm.

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode

Aditya’s uncles realized that he participated in a fight with some goons. Later, Sai calls Aditya to check on him. Aditya tells him that he is worried as his uncle has gone out to deal with the goons. He then runs to help his uncles.

Meanwhile, Aditya’s uncles fight with the goons for beating Aditya. The two together brutally beat the goons as Aditya tries to stop them. Later, Suyash unannouncedly shows up at Sai’s house to see if she is alright.

Sai asks him to leave angrily. After a while, Aditya’s uncle asks him why he got involved in a fight with the goons. Peanty Mama’s assistant in the filter, Garage, tells Beans about the fight that Aditya was trying to save a girl. A

ditya’s uncle asks him who is Sai – his friend or his girlfriend? Aditya convinces him that Sai is just his friend. To this, Appa replied that he should call Sai home for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations.

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