Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 23 July 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 23 July 2020, We, Aditya, are feeding you the app that you want from Panipuri. In the evening, Aditya announced that he would make Panipuri for everyone.

On the other hand, Dada Mama says that Aditya will not let him do that. Appa says that Aditya uncle always cheated on him.

Later, Sai is on Aditya’s phone who reminded her that she did not promise to talk to him. On hearing this, Sai got angry and said that she would never meet or talk to Aditya again.

Previous Episode Update We see Aditya  and Sai  having tea together at the tea stall. Aditya calls his office and tells them that it is going to be late. He gives his boss a fake excuse to get out of trouble. Sai can’t lie to him because he can’t lie. After a while, Sai’s mother was surprised to hang out with Sai Aditya. After seeing Sai with Sai’s mother Aditya, her friends made fun of her. Sai’s mother later told Shashi that she saw Sai with Aditya at the tea stall. Shashi was upset to hear this, while Sai admitted that there was nothing between her and Aditya. Meanwhile, Sai’s mother tells Sai to break all ties with Aditya and says that she will not let Sai out of the house anymore.

Aditya, on the other hand, finds himself in trouble due to his late arrival at the office. Malhotra beat him up for pretending to be the owner of the company. He threatened Aditya that we would release him if he was late again. Malhotra then orders Aditya to go home. Sai apologized to her mother for running away from home after a while and asked her to let Chandu stay. She then says she is willing to do anything as part of her apology. Sai’s mother tells Sai to promise that she will never meet and talk to Aditya. Will Sai promise this?

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