Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 23 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 23 March 2020, We are off to a dinner date with tagging Aditya and Sai Naina. Aditya tries to fool his uncle and tells him that he is going to meet his friend Saprakash.

But Aditya’s brother Mama felt something fishy and followed him. Aditya tells Naina and Sai to hide in the car and as a result, Bhai Mama cannot find them.

Later, Brother Mama tells Grandpa not to wait for Aditya as the next meal will definitely come home. But Grandpa Mama refuses to accept it and brother Mama and him, put a bet on it.

Brother Mama easily decides to take the outcome in his favor and Pintya Mama says that if Aditya does not eat at home, he will get his share. Meanwhile, Aditya meets Sai and Naina and they leave for Aditya’s favorite spot. However, upon arriving, they found that the place was full and the three were told to stay for two hours. Aditya asks them if they should cancel the plan, but Sai disagrees and says that she is very hungry. Aditya is unaware of other restaurants and Sai takes them to a fancy restaurant of her choice. Aditya checks his wallet and finds that he only has Rs. 500 with him.

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