Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 24 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 24 March 2020, Naina, Sai and Aditya enjoy dinner at a posh restaurant. The trio bond over discussing college. Sai tells Aditya about her exercise in the stars;

She tells him that she always thinks that when someone sees the stars, she is still around.

Sai also informs Aditya about various forms and constellations. They are both surprised at the stars and Naina seems to be wasting away.

She called them twice, but did not listen. Later, Naina accidentally drops her drink and puts it in her dress.

Afterwards, she and Sai visit the toilet where they later discover that Naina has lost Aditya’s handkerchief. Sai blamed Naina for stealing her because she had to go through a lot of trouble with that lost room. Nayana tells Sai about all her love for Aditya and her interest in him.

Sai promises her friend that she will help Aditya get together. Meanwhile, Aditya looks in the menu and calculates the value of all the dishes. He tried to make a combo of utensils so that the total amount of food was Rs. 500, since he only has so much. Later, Naina and Sai come back to the table and then try to tell Aditya that her best friend likes her. She uses different phrases to convey that idea to him.

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