Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 25 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 25 March 2020,

We see Naina, Aditya and Sai having fun at their dinner party. Naina and Sai order rude and expensive foods, while Aditya’s refusal to give up has refused.

But Sai tells him to eat something and he asks for a piece of garlic bread. Meanwhile, Aditya tried to calculate whether he would have to pay his bill. And tell Sai Naina to go ahead and try to confess her love to Aditya.

On the other hand, Brother Mama, Pintya Mama and Brother Mama try to sleep with Grandma Mama because they think that Aditya will be late and will not eat with Grandma Mama.

As expected, Aditya is having a good time at her dinner and is working on a meal. When Grandpa Mama calls Aditya, the latter says that an issue arises in the photo machine that he will be home soon. Sai tells Aditya to take the chicken risotto but he disagrees as no one is eating meat in the house. Sai tells him that they are very lost and they must eat non-veg.

Later, as Sai and Naina see him, Aditya eats his fill. Sai asks for a check and will pay the bill when her father tells her that her father will decide. Aditya thanks Sai and tries to leave, but she stops him and rushes to Naina to leave. Aditya tries to rent an autorickshaw but none of them stop and Aditya is afraid that he will get home. He and Naina then proceed to the next house. Aditya holds Naina’s hand and helps her cross the road.

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