Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 3 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 3 March 2020, Saina tells Naina to call Aditya and ask her to join the conference because she needs to know if her car has been repaired. Aditya says that they were not surprised when they could not control their tongue, control their vehicle. Saina is outraged by the statement, meanwhile, Aditya’s family has decided to get her married. They say this is the right time.

You may be seen talking on the phone. Someone told him that he got a fortune worth Rs 3 lakh, but he was unable to remember who he was and by the time he read his family name on the paper, the call was broken.

Meanwhile, Sai and his girlfriend Naina are waiting for their results. Her friend tells her that she doesn’t even have to pass, because her father can help her set something of her own. Sai and her friend go to sell pickles because they both want to work and want to stand on their own.

Grandpa calls Appa and asks if Aditya is home but the next person confuses him and disconnects the call. Sai and Naina arrive at Aditya’s house but Appa mistook them for the maids and tells them to work. Sai accidentally touches Appa’s feet and the latter blesses her and tells her to take care of Aditya. As they leave the house, they cross the road with Aditya. Sai and Naina realize that they have passed but Sai is frustrated because she has only 36 per cent and she has just crossed the border. On the other hand, Aditya has passed with flying colors and is taking the blessing of Appa for it.

Sai’s father encourages her because she is upset by her qualities. He tells her she shouldn’t worry, but the latter brings a storm with the keys to the car. She is seen driving with her girlfriend Naina. Meanwhile, Aditya’s uncle is worried about all of them because he did not call them with the results. One of them is CA, the other is a lawyer and the other works at a garage while the fourth is an anchor! Finally, Aditya comes down to Kak’s garage and Sai is seen talking about something while she is riding her broken car.

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