Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 31 August 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 31 August 2020, We will see how Dada Mama eats but Aditya’s other uncle refuses to eat as Aditya is not talking to any of them.

Later, Dada Mama asks him to taste the food at least as it is a Prasad of God and one should eat food as a blessing. But they still do not get bored and finally, Dada turns to maternal uncle Aditya.

He tells her that he is mistreating a girl who has just come into his life, ignoring her uncles.

Dada Mama then asks him if he should apologize, but Aditya refuses.

He calls Sai and asks him if he will go to their house for immersion and Sai says that he will try.

Later, Sai meets Suyash and he takes her to meet his friend Dr. Barkha. He says that he is her old friend and he calls her Babu.

He also says that he wants to show his friend that he has a trophy wife who looks better than him. This annoys Sai and makes her angry but Suyash warns her against running this time.

Meanwhile, Aditya and his uncle Ganapathy wait for Sai to arrive for immersion.

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