Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 5 March 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 5 March 2020, Aditya is seen delivering the car and his keys to Sai’s father. Her father has been rude to her and tells Aditya not to talk to her beggars so they don’t show her face again.

Then Aditya gets a call from Sai and she asks for the money given to her by her father. He refuses to do so and disconnects.

It was later revealed that Aditya Desai owns a large company called Aditya, which he is unaware of. Appa and his uncle are trustees of the company, and they are waiting for Aditya to report, of which he is ready to become president.

Aditya manages his uncle, who is angry with him. They refused to talk to him because they did not like the idea of ​​marriage. But Aditya makes a good meal and talks to them in a sweet way, makes them laugh and it creates good communication in the house again. But still his uncle tries to convince him about marriage and Aditya replies that there is no time for them after marriage. Appa mediated that she wanted an educated girl to come home and that made everyone laugh.

The next day, Aditya’s uncle is seen wearing all the clothes and moving out together. Aditya asks them why he doesn’t come with them. Every month, Uncle goes somewhere without saying anything about Aditya and this always hurts him. Later, Aditya leaves for her uncle’s garage as Sai is estimated to come from there to investigate her damaged car. Meanwhile, Naina picked up Sai and headed towards the garage because Sai’s father had to bring her back to the car before returning to the dawn.

On the other hand, Appa and Aditya’s uncle reach the premises of a company called Aditya Desai. Trustees are asked to sit until they arrive. But soon the manager of the office comes in and asks them to come with him. While all this is going on, Sai’s father discovers Sai’s car which was driven by Aditya, while Sai forces Naina to take Aditya home.

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