Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 7 Saptember 2020

Maza Hoshil Na Today Episode 7 Saptember 2020, Aditya was understood by Dada Mama. As he takes Laddoo and Chivda with him to Tiffin, Dada Mama asks him if he is hungry. When he says yes, Grandpa Mama forces him to eat all the tiffin stuff.

Then he goes empty handed and Sai yells at him. She tells him to feed Naina something somehow. He tells them that there must be something in the garage.

When he searches, he finds a packet of poha. He tries to make quick and tasty Dad Pohe for Sai and Naina. Sai is taken aback by his culinary skills.

She tells him that she wants a husband who can cook. When Aditya says that if he does not do this to anyone, she says that he is with her!

Elsewhere, Peenya wakes up Mama Bhai Mama and Bandhu Mama as they scream in sleep. They find Aditya but when they find him missing, they sleep in place of Peenya Maa and lie to Dada Mama.

Brother Mama goes in search of Aditya whom he finds sleeping peacefully at home.

Later, it is revealed that Naina vomited on Sai’s peak and she comes inside a shirt and a quilt for Sai. But Brother Mama keeps an eye on him.

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