Maza Hoshil Na Zee Marathi Serial

The upcoming Marathi series Maza Hoshil Na, which is much awaited by many fans. This series has a talented group of artists with a fascinating storyline. Over the years, Marathi TV programs have worked in high TRPs. The upcoming serial is also expected to dominate the prime time slot.

Maza Hoshil Show Time

Serial Name – Maza Hoshil Na
Channel Name – Zee Marathi

Show Time Mon – Sat 9:00 – 9:30

Maza Hoshil Na Cast

Star Cast:

Gautami Deshpande as – Sai
Virajas Kulkarni  – Aditya
Achyut Potdar    – Aappa
Sunil Tawade    – Bandhu Mama
Nikhil Ratnaparkhi – Pintya Mama
Vidyadhar Joshi – Dada Mama
Vinay Yedekar – Bhai Mama
Mugdha Puranik  – Sai’s Friend (Naina)
Atul Kale – Sai’s Father
Sulekha Talvalkar – Sai’s Mother


Maza Hoshil Na

Story Outline – 

Talking about the story and the story of the Serial, Maza Hoshil Na, this is a romantic family drama, which will hit the channel. In addition to catching TV shows on the aforementioned TV channels, Zee can also be viewed on the digital platform – ZE5. We get to see a colorful love story between Virajas Kulkarni and Gautami Deshpande, the lead lady in the show. The release date has not been announced by the makers yet, but it is likely to start soon. Stay tuned to know more about this TV show and just the others with us.

Maza Hoshil Na Tital Song Lyrics

Nako chandra Taare
Phulanche Pasaare
Jithe Mi Rusave
Tithe Tu Asave

Tujhya Paavalani
Mi Swapnaat yaave
Najaret tujhiya
Swathala Pahaave

Jithe Saavali Door
Jaate Jarashi
Tithe Haat tu
Haati Gheshil Na

Mala Saath Deshil Na
Majha Hoshil Naa
Majha Hoshil Naa

Maza Hoshil Na Actors Intro Virajas Kulkarni.

Virajas Kulkarni - Aditya

1. Actor Enter to TV

This is not an actor’s small screen debut. However, Viraj starred in the industry through the 2018 film ‘Hostel Days’. After his silver screen debut, he was a part of many other films, such as Madhuri, Horn, Ok, Please.

2. He is the son of actress Mrinal Kulkarni

Virajas is the son of popular actress Mrinal Kulkarni who has appeared in many famous Marathi films as well as television shows. The actor is following in his mother’s footsteps by doing a TV show. Now you know why acting is always in his blood!

3. Writing. He is also interested in writing and directing

Viraj has helped Mrinal in the direction of director Rama Madhav. Prior to this movie, he also directed and acted in his first play, Anathema.

4. His. Their love for the theater

The actor has written and directed plays for which he has won many awards at the Inter-School Festival. They also have their own theater group called Theatron Entertainment.

5. Screen. Has studied screenwriting and filmmaking

The actor has also studied screenwriting by Whistling Woods International. How wonderful! He did this to increase his knowledge of filmmaking.

Gautami Deshpande as – Sai

Maza Hoshil Na

1. Gautami holds an engineering degree

She graduated as an engineer from a renowned college in Pune. And before working in acting, she worked at an IT firm for a while.

2. Gautami is the sister of popular Marathi actress Mrunmayee Deshpande

She is the sister of actress Mrunmayee Deshpande, who is an established actress herself and has appeared in many Marathi TV series and films. Mrunmayi is also an accomplished dancer. Talk about family-run talent!

3.Shifted from theaters to TVs

Gautami returned to theater during her college days as an actor. In the meantime, she has won numerous awards for her acting. She participated in the popular inter-college drama competition, Firodia Karandak and the Purushottam Festival. She then made her on-screen debut in 3in with the movie Daily Toole ‘Tujhe’.

4. Shot to fame with reality shows

Gautami had caught the attention when working on a reality show in 2016. This was her entry in the Marathi industry.

5. She. She is a hidden gem!

Maza Hoshil Na: 5 Reasons Why Aditya Sai has a big impact

Even though Aditya and Sai make an adorable couple and look together, there is no denying that they are polar. Aditya is of a middle class background and gives priority to her family above all else. So Sai grew up in a rich family, who believes in giving her grandchildren more time. Although their views on relationships do not match, there are many reasons why they are both perfect for each other, while Aditya is more for Sai. Here’s why:

1. Aditya cares for everyone: Aditya is a solid support system for the house and he is always seen doing things for everyone. He is responsible, which helps Sai to balance his equation with the latter because it is completely irresponsible.

2. Aditya is street-smart: Aditya is someone who focuses on avoiding problems. He is quick and fast on his feet when making decisions. This helps tremendously because Sai is a bit of a lost soul, who needs to hold hands.

3. Aditya is more interested in creating a future: Aditya is often seen discussing jobs and other opportunities with her family. Instead of living in the present, they are more inclined to think about future growth.

4. Aditya is calm against the clumsy Sai: Aditya makes her decisions quietly and refuses to say anything bad, this is clearly not Sai’s name! She has no filter and only tells what she feels.

5. Aditya is helpful and respects everyone: Aditya respects everyone whether he is family or otherwise. So Sai has seen Appa disrespecting her, which is a sign of disapproval and she needs to be ousted immediately.

Shilpa Shetty’s TikTok Video On Maza Hoshil Na’s Title Track

She is not only a talented actress but an amazing singer. Don’t believe us? Check out her Instagram profile where she can appear in many Bollywood numbers. In particular, she has sung in a recently released Marathi film featuring her sister Mrunmayee.

The show’s title track is a song that can strike your heart, written by Ashok Patki, the father of actor Ashutosh Patki. The composer has also written songs for the title track of other Zee Marathi shows like Your Dawn Ray. The song is sung by renowned singer Arya Ambekar. Ambekar has previously appeared in the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Leal Champs Show.


This song is quite romantic and has become a hit on popular video-making app Tiktok. When popular producers started making videos, Bollywood celebrities were obliged to make a video with this song.

Maza Hoshil Na Episode Updates

Why Are Aditya’s Uncles Hiding His Real Identity

Aditya lives with her maternal aunt and grandfather. Six of them live happy lives, but there is a secret behind Aditya’s past and his true identity. This information has been kept a secret by Aditya and as a result the latter will not worry about it and is busy dealing with other things right now. He promises to teach a spoiled Bray Sai a lesson and apologize to her for being rude to his appa.

Aditya and Sai show intense dislike for each other. He thinks that Sai is negligent but the latter person thinks that Aditya is arrogant. But Aditya’s uncle is unaware of all of this because it is something important to take care of him. In the show’s latest promo, Aditya’s uncle can be seen hiding a file and telling Aditya he doesn’t know his real identity. He further said that Aditya’s name is Aditya Desai and this information should not be disclosed at any cost.

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