Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 16th Saptember 2020, Gurunath is cursing Shanaya for favoring Radhika despite her past.

Gurunath reminds Shanaya that Radhika always despises him and orders Shanaya to come home, where he will understand something.

He tries to pull Shanaya out but is stopped by Radhika who grabs Shanaya’s hand in support. Gurunath reminds her of Pinky and then insults Radhika using the media to cover her image.

Radhika decides to speak up and starts narrating the story told by Gurunath, but from her point of view.

She uncovers facts about her past with Gurunath and how she played with her feelings.

Later, Gurunath tells him that he knew that it was Radhika’s plan to humiliate Gurunath first of all.

Radhika continues her talk and reminds Gurunath how he insulted Soumitra as a clown. Well, the spark between the two former lovers is definitely flying. Let us see what this battle of war is all about.

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