Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 17th Saptember 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 17th Saptember 2020, Radhika will continue the process of insulting Gurunath.

She explains that Gurunath does not know how to respect women, let alone his wife. She then reminds Gurunath that she has done nothing for both Radhika and Shanaya.

Radhika says that she is supporting Shanaya as the latter has no one to fall back on.

Gurunath who had a lot of insults ordered Shanaya to come home. Shanaya refused to submit to Gurunath and his demands.

Later, Gurunath announced that he would ensure that Radhika Masale was completely destroyed. Radhika challenges Gurunath that he wants to take her down.

Many people including Saumitra, Anand, Shanaya and the farmers of Sakhargaon show solidarity to Radhika. After a while, Gurunath is given answers to questions about his current relationship with Maya and is forced to leave.

At Gurunath’s house, Gurunath orders Mrs. Sabnis to leave the house with Shanaya.

Mrs. Sabnis says that she is not going anywhere and asks Gurunath to do whatever she wants.

She then asks Gurunath to pack her bags and change. Later, Maya tries to console a homeless Gurunath and says that he has got her back.

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