Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 2 December Written Updates In a recent series of mazya navryachi bayko, Soumitra and Raghu went to the sugar cane and attacked Soumitra within the village. At that moment they saw a boy standing at the top of the stairs and ran after him to seize him. The guy turns to the parrot, and he tells them that he’s surrounded by his supporters. Popatrao then confesses that he changed into the one who deliberate the poisoning of Sanya, however Radhika accused him.

Prosecutor Zunjarrao, who is prosecuting Radhika, known as the witnesses who have been aware of her persona in courtroom. He calls the female who works at Radhika Masala and lives in Urmila Mhatre local. She then tells the court docket that Urmila Mhatre motivates human beings in opposition to Radhika.

On the opposite hand, Soumitra tells Popatra that Radhika is in trouble due to her and may match to prison. The latter refuses to concentrate to Soumitra’s words until the latter says that Shanaya will benefit. He similarly said that if Radhika is going to prison, Shanaya Radhika will personal the spices and Gurunath and he might be happy with her. Popadarao is now harassed if Radhika wants to assist Shanaya win the case.

Urmila Mhatre calls Shania in a recent series of my bride’s spouse and tells her that people have commenced supporting Radhika and now they are all gathered close to her constructing. Then she need to go to Shanaya and Gurunath and make sure their plans fail. Gurunath and Shanaya are amazed to look so many humans helping Radhika. They try to ask one of the team participants what is going on and try to wear a t-blouse that says we help Radhika. Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 2 December Written Updates

Raghu referred to as Soumitra and advised him that he had located the call of the individual that attacked him. He says that man or woman is from Sakhagaon. Soumitra tells him to hold it to himself and get that man or woman’s exact address.

The subsequent day, Mom and Dad want Radhika and hope she is safe. Later, the farmers of Sukhgaon come to assist Radhika. While going to court, Urmila Mhatre tells Radhika that she will lose her case and regret her selection. To this, Radhika replied that the court docket and the judicial system will determine who is guilty and who isn’t always.

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