Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 25 February 2021

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 25 February 2021, Maya, Radhika and Panwalkar discuss the next stages of their plan but Shreyas enters the room and mentions that Gurunath has ruined their entire plan.

Soumitra talks about doubling his efforts but Radhika remembers that Gurunath is doing this purposefully and that he is not crazy.

On the protest, people praised Gurunath’s protest and fasting efforts. When he is giving a speech, Gotiya Sheth reaches there. Back home, Radhika thanks Shruti for helping her and talks about how important her work is and is grateful for the interview.

Gotiya Sheth announced that he wanted the same as Gurunath and he would personally marry Gurunath to Radhika. Panwalkar and Seema reach Tai and try to handle the situation. Pavalkar lies about Radhika and withdraws her team from the village.

Gurunath is amazed and tries to stop him. Seema Tai praises Panwalkar for his smartness but Gurunath remains confused.

Shreyas tells Radhika that his plan will be successful but Radhika has doubts about Gurunath. Suddenly, Vasantrao and Sarita arrive and Radhika is surprised. Radhika gets emotional after listening to him, but does not tell him the reason for her tears. She reveals that she wants them to surprise Gurunath.

Radhika talks on the phone with Seema Tai and sees Panwalkar and others returning. Radhika asks Gurunath to talk to him and asks him to stop his acting.

She mentions that she is not worried about her threats anymore and that she should look back once before talking. Gurunath turns and is shocked to see Vasantrao and Sarita standing there.

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