Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 27 February 2021

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 27 February 2021,Vasantrao tried to get Gurunath out of the house. Gurunath tries to take an action and declares his innocence.

Vasantrao stops Sarita from interfering and mentions that they no longer have a son but only one daughter, who is Radhika.

Vasantrao warns Gurunath not to mention Radhika as his wife; And she is the husband of Soumitra Radhika. He mentions to Gurunath that he is ashamed of his actions and kicks him out of the house.

Soumitra calls Radhika and gives her some good news. Soumitra reminds Radhika that her interview is in the next 10 minutes. Seema Tai enters and is surprised to see the preparations made for Radhika’s interview.

Seema Tai mentions that she has also given radio sets to people in the village. Meanwhile, Gotia Sheth believes that she has won. Santhosh comes running and tells her about Radhika’s interview. He has mentioned that people will talk about him on social media and Radhika has cheated him. Everyone offered prayers and wishes to Radhika, all the best for her interview.

Radhika gives interviews and even mentions Gotiya Sheth and how he has harassed her. Radhika even went on to say how Gotia Sheth had kidnapped Jenny and wanted her and her team to leave the village. The interview is successful and it gains popularity on social media.

Everyone discusses Radhika’s interview and feels happy. Later, Gotia Sheth receives a call and apologizes for her senselessness. He mentions that he will end the problem and not let it go forward. At home, everyone reads and goes through social media posts. Radhika feels confident for her victory and Seema Tai feels grateful for her and her actions, which have benefited her village.

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