Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 31 December, mother and father are passionate about talking to their grandson, Atharva. Soumitra tells them that he has kept Satyanarayana Puja the next day and invited them all. On the other hand, Mrs Sabnis warned Gurunath not to harass Shanaya, otherwise she would leave him like Radhika.

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 31 December, In tonight’s episode, Ai calls on Radhika to ask about her and Atharva’s health. The latter says that they are both doing well and he is having fun with Soumitra. Later, Radhika goes to have breakfast in the kitchen, but Soumitra’s mother tells her to focus on worship.

Radhika and Soumitra’s mother tries to wake Soumitra and Atharva, but the two of them refuse to do so. Radhika decides to play prank using a megaphone. Both Atharva and Soumitra got up early to hear a loud noise. After a few minutes, Soumitra’s father enters the room and hurries all of them and tells them to run towards the exit, as he thinks the fire is an alarm. When he saw the megaphone in Radhika’s hand, he realized it was just a scratch.

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