Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 4 March 2021

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 4 March 2021, Soumitra receives the video sent by Shreyas and listens to the threats posed by Gotia Sheth. Anand betrays Gotiya Sheth and mentions that they can give him more money.

Soumitra uploaded the video and called Gotiya Sheth, pretended to be a journalist and inquired about the video. He mentions that he should not have played with Radhika and sends her a video of his threats.

A frightened Gotiya Sheth falls to Radhika’s feet and begs her to forgive him when she has children. He offers to change his behavior and even mentions that he won’t bother them after that.

Radhika mentioned that now, she is fine and it is difficult for her to come out. Shreyas brings in police officers, who arrest Gotiya Sheth and his men.

Later, Radhika calls Soumitra and asks when he is coming. Suddenly a stone pelted on Soumitra and a message went inside it. Soumitra read out the message which frightens Radhika and asks her to take the situation seriously.

Vasantrao calms her down but she remembers Gurunath’s words and threats. He suspects that he is behind it and tells Vasantrao about it.

Radhika and an avid Vasantrao Gurunath left to teach a lesson. Back in the city, Soumitra wonders who is knocking on the door and attacks the person but it turns out to be Shanaya.

She wants to surprise everyone and asks when they can leave for the village. Soumitra calls Radhika back and mentions that a child had thrown a stone and Shanaya speaks to her in a child’s voice.

Shanaya asks her if she can meet Gotiya Sheth but Soumitra mentions that they need to deal with Gurunath first.

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