Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 6 March 2021

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 6 March 2021, Panwalkar and Shreyas ask Maya if she has spoken to Radhika. Radhika said that everyone is with her and supports her till now, but now she wants to face Gurunath.

Radhika mentions that she is not upset about Gurunath’s behavior, but feels agitated. Radhika expresses her anger about Gurunath and mentions that he can no longer be a good person.

At that moment, Soumitra walks with enthusiasm and hugs everyone. They tell Soumitra about Gurunath’s antics and Radhika, now she wants to face her problems alone. Soumitra calms her down and mentions that someone has come with her whom she should meet and listen to.

Shanaya surprised everyone and told Radhika and Maya that they would all teach a lesson to Gurunath. Later, they all talk about Soumitra and Shanaya tells Maya about the mischiefs she has drawn. Radhika mentions that she needs to face Gurunath alone and she wants to end the story.

Shanaya mentions that she will never let her face come alone and she wants a lot for Radhika. Maya tells him that he should concentrate on his job and they will take care of Gurunath. The three formulate a plan and Shanaya mentions that she has an idea.

Soumitra asks Radhika if she has any idea about Gurunath and is thinking about him on Atharva’s terms together. Overwhelmed Radhika declares her love for Soumitra and hugs him.

Soumitra asks Shanaya and Maya what their plans are and Anand also helps. Mrs Sathe calls Radhika and mentions that she is planning an honor ceremony for her.

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