Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 1 August 2020

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Today Epiosde 1 August 2020, When Radhika and Saumitra leave the office, Maya gets frustrated when asked why they do that. Gurunath, on the other hand, tries to acquire the faith of Maya by trying to limit his actions.

Gurunath says that Radhika questions everyone’s loyalty. Maya said she would post the photo and tell Gurunath Maya to calm down and not make any hasty decision.

Meanwhile, the scene then shifted to Radhika’s office. Jenny and Shreyas understand that Radhika is planning to hand over the documents. Along with Shreyas and Jenny, Soumitra tells Radhika how she should not make a hasty decision. Radhika says Maya is not in the mood to listen to anything and she has been proven wrong.

Gurunath came home and Shanaya asked what happened in the office. Gurunath indirectly refuses to answer the question. Meanwhile, when Shanaya meets Radhika, Gurunath asks Shanaya’s mother a question. Shanaya called Radhika and told her about the incident and told her not to give any false information to Shanaya. Soumitra, on the other hand, tries to comfort Radhika.

Gurunath calls Maya and tells her how much she misses him and then asks Maya to take the merging documents from Radhika. Maya agrees and ends the call. Jenny and Shreyas go to Radhika and try to persuade her to reconsider her decision. Radhika explains the consequences of not providing documents with Soumitra’s image.

Meanwhile, Gurunath tells Shaina how she knows about Shanaya and how she shares all the information with Radhika. Gurunath tells Shanaya that he will now be the CEO of Radhika Masala. Radhika went to Maya’s office to hand over the documents. Soumitra explains how he cannot come there and take action as his father is also an important member of the BOD and cannot make decisions in the absence of his father.

Soumitra says Maya can be helped to become the CEO of SB Group of Companies. Soumitra asks Maya about the options she has been given, i.e. she wants to merge SB Company and Radhika Masale to become the CEO of SB Group of Companies.

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